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Kids America Baseball & T-ball


LARRY ROBINSON MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT - Inaugural (Hopefully Annual - we'll see!)

Left to Right - Isaac Bush (Kids America), Robert Pell (Coshocton Foundation), Gary Robinson (Larry Robinson's brother), Grant Hutcheson (KA Baseball Tournament Director)

We hosted 55 teams across 10 fields for three days - June 9-11 - in partnership with the Balloon Festival and the Roscoe Car Show.  112 games were scheduled and 110 games were played - 2 were fully cancelled due to the weather.

Larry Robinson Memorial Fund and Coshocton Foundation provided funding for a FREE tournament for up to 50 baseball teams for this particular weekend and requested that Kids America host and run the tournament in partnership with multiple parks and staffers - River View High School, Tufford Field, Frank Shepherd Softball Complex, and City Rec Baseball Fields.  All fields were donated for use and it was a successful weekend!  A huge THANK YOU to the KA Staff, Volunteers, Coshocton Foundation, Robinson Family, City Rec Staff, Cherokee Staff, River View Staff, and Lake Park Staff for a job well done!  Also a thank you to all of the teams who participated in 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, and 18U and their players, coaches, and parents who came out for the weekend event!

Contact the KA Baseball Tournament Director - Grant Hutcheson - 740-891-8954 -
Contact the KA Baseball and T-Ball Director - Danny Hall-

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