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KA Spotlight

Featured Member of the Month
Sally Finegan
Tell us about yourself. What are your interests outside of Kids America?
"I am a caring, fun-loving person.  I love the outdoors - all seasons.  I love to fish, hike, and extensive gardening.  The more gardens, the better!  I love to preserve God's bounty and help family and friends when I can.  I love being with my dog and spending time with my soul mate - my husband Clint."
What is the biggest life lesson you have learned?
"That life is too short and everyone should live every day to the fullest.  Never forget who you are as a person and not to let that one bad thing that happened to you define you."
What do you believe is the most impressive thing you know how to do?
"Surviving, trying to be a good person, paying forward all of that kindness that has been shown to me."
How has Kids America had a positive impact on your life?
"I was 6 months into a lifestyle change and confused about a lot of things - the dos and don'ts of eating, exercising, the whens and how much of what I should do. I was accepted into the Kids America family.  I have had the best members, wonderful instructors, friendly staff and super fantastic classmates who have helped with this wonderful and sometimes scary journey."
What tip do you have for new KA members?
"First, if you do not want to do this (whatever your goal is), you will not succeed - you need to own it!  Secondly, have a strong support group for your journey.  Don't worry if you do not have it in your personal life, you can find it at Kids America.  Third, have fun!  Laugh, jump, shout, and just be yourself!"
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