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*Please read registration instructions. Registrations are not complete and will not be accepted unless all necessary information is given.


  • Must be age 18+ woman to register.
  • Registration Deadline:  June 6 or until the league is full.
  • Games will be played at 6:00 p.m. on Thursdays, and if needed, we will add games at 7:00 p.m.
  • Cost: $34 online registration includes $4 service fee.  You may also register in person at Kids America.  If you are a member of Kids America, save $3 when you register in person ($27).


When registering, please refer to the coordinating "letters" below to indicate your skill level:

- Excellent knowledge of game and rules; can apply offensive/defensive concepts & positions

- Solid knowledge of the game and rules; can consistently serve, pass, set, hit, execute 3 touches

- Basic understanding of the game and rules, and some developed skills like passing & serving

- Beginner with little to no understanding of the game and no developed skills


We are looking for team coaches.  The registration will ask if you would like to volunteer to be a team coach, or be contacted to discuss being a team coach, or you are not interested in coaching.


**By submitting this order, you agree to Kids America, Inc.'s Waiver & Liability Release (See below)



Women's Adult Volleyball League: June 6 - August 1, 2024

  • I recognize that injury may be sustained because of the potentially hazardous nature of this activity.  In the event of such injury to myself or my child, if or when my spouse or I cannot be contacted, I give permission to the attending physician to render treatment as would be normal, and I agree to pay the usual charge for such treatment.  I agree to abide by all facility and equipment rules, regulations, and standards of conduct.  I also understand that Kids America, Inc. reserves the right to remove patrons who do not obey the rules, regulations, and standards of conduct.  I now release Kids America, Inc., its employees, agents, and assigns from any and all claims, causes of action suits, and related rights for himself/herself, his/her estate, his/her heirs; administrators, executors, etc. for any and all injuries, illnesses, and damages sustained as a result of participation at Kids America, Inc.  This release applies to any present or future injuries as it binds my heirs, executors, and administrators.  I understand the participants may be videotaped or photographed during this activity.  I release the rights of those video tapes and photographs to Kids America.  I have read this release and all of its terms.  I sign it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance.  This agreement shall become effective as the date of registration and will remain in force and in effect for one full year.

  • Refunds will be provided only if Kids America cancels the league.

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