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18R Cromer



Brynlee Reed- West Holmes

Jensen Peyton- Morgan

Martina Rivolta- Buckeye Trail

Nicole Custer-Garaway

Reagan Rhodes- Tri Valley

Makenzie Dickson- Tri Valley

Allie Snyder- West Holmes

Daphne Alexander- West Holmes

Addison Smith- River View


January 15 17/18U Kids America Friendship Scrimmage

January 29 18R @ Buckeye Columbus

February 12 18R @ Kids America

March 4-5 18R @ Block Party Challenge- Cedar PointSports Complex

March 12 18R @ TAD (Granville)

April 2 18R @ Eastern Ohio Sports Complex  (Sherrodsville) 

April 16 18R @ OVR Championship (Columbus Convention Center)

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